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Suppose you need to discuss your project with a professional right now, whether you would like to convert raster to vector. Or a room full of drawings, contact us. Or, use the navigation bar to find out more about our conversion services. But before you do, let’s look at those bullet points and find out why Clipping Path Express is the company to use if you want a fast, priced service with guaranteed data quality.


If you have blurry images that you want to enlarge, vector conversion is the way to go. Images and logos for banners, car wrappers, print marketing materials, screen printing, etc., can lose value after a time. If you want to enlarge them from the original raster file, then we can do it. Converting raster to vector saves the file with detail and gives you a larger image with crisp, clean lines. But, converting raster files to vector files can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Outsourcing can save valuable time on expenses. When we receive your vector files, we can use them without losing any quality.

Expand your photo and slogan to sign at your next trade show, create vector line art to engrave your logo, or get a transparent vector to print your symbol on a t-shirt.

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We provide perfect hand-drawn clipping paths and high-end image editing services. Our dedicated team of graphic designers is able to offer 100% efficient service regardless of your order size, the urgency for delivery, or the complexity of work.

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Hiring an in-house designer creates unnecessary costs. Our clients save money and enjoy superior service and rapid turnaround times.

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We assure you, you will get the most competitive price with the utmost quality which you need every time.

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What is Raster to vector conversion?

Convert Raster to vector is necessary when raster files are created in vector format. In this process, we can do it. but, the results are usually not ideal. The best way to convert a raster to a proper vector file is to recreate the original image. Vector design is the primary choice for individuals and companies looking for a crisp and clean print graphic. Vector files being based on mathematical points/paths/lines gives them the advantage of scale up or down without any quality loss, unlike raster images based on pixels & blur when resized. To convert your raster files–JPEG, PCX, PDF, PICT, TIFF,etc.–to vector information, especially if the images are from older paper drawings, you need human input if you want to get it right every time. As a result, all our work is done right here in the United States. Hence, we use skilled personnel who have experience in your industry. That’s why professionals versed in your industry undertake final edits and all our QC. That’s why Clipping Path Express can guarantee the integrity of the data. Every time.

Clipping Path Express provides a 99.9% data quality guarantee with every job.

Think about that for a moment. It’s an extraordinary warranty because your source document is inaccurate. That drawing you want to convert back to the mathematical reality it represents has errors. It is a document with imperfect linework and text that needs human intelligence for correct interpretation.
Don’t be alarmed. It’s not as bad as it seems. In reality, whenever anybody works from a document derived from a paper drawing to manufacture, plot, or build something, they are using their intellect to interpret images that are only analogous to a designer’s precise mathematical concepts. A machinist, for example, when he mills a new piece from a drawing, scans the image to gain a general perception of the item. He then obtains precise vector information from the text and symbols. A good conversion bureau works the same way but with different tools.

The difference between raster and vector

A series of pixels define raster files. But it depends on the quality of the image. These pixels may cause the image to lose some detail. However, we can see when the image is enlarging; it looks pixelated.

Since raster files do not contain every detail, they are usually small in size. This makes them great for using your website or online store. GIF, PNG, and JPEG are common raster file types.

Vector files are defined by a point that creates a straight and curved path. This visual information is more mathematical. We need a series of attributes on a graph with x and y-axes. Since they are not made up of pixels, you can use vectors to resize to any shape without losing quality. We know vectors are easily scalable.

EPS, PDF, SVG files are common types of vector files that our client is using. Vector files are great for many printed items, including business cards, T-shirts, and mugs. They’re a great way to sharpen old, blurry graphics. And if you create a new graphic or logo, you can avoid any distortion or loss of quality after printing.

Why is the raster to vector conversion services needed?

There are two types of images that are raster and vector. Raster images are containing low-resolution images created by a combination of pixels. Vector images usually have no resolution because they are not made using pixels. But we are using paths and math that are unlimitedly scalable. If you zoom in on a raster image, you will find that the pixel is breaking up. Online Raster to vector conversion services is how to fix a low-quality broken image, which is hard to zoom in and get a high-resolution image.

Converting raster to vector images converts the pixels of raster images into mathematical directions and scales it to infinity. Vector images are better, denser, more focused, and sharper than raster images. If a bitmap image becomes obsolete, usually, the image loses its visual effect. However, if the vector’s conversion becomes a bitmap, you will not lose the image’s visibility when you zoom in. 

Regardless of how you zoom in on a vector image, the vector artwork will not break its value. By enabling vectorization, photos you can resize without losing any quality. So this service is essential for improving your organization’s business!

Blurry Image to Vector Conversion

So, if you have any blurry images that require vector tracing services, color combinations, Clipping Path Express is here to help you. We would allow you to find what you need at an affordable cost. Vector service is requiring for the following reasons:

  • Vector art scalable.
  • When you need to provide a hand-sketched drawing and convert it into a proper scalable logo.
  • Vector graphics resolution-unique.
  • Vector reduces printing costs.

Why is a raster to vector conversion services necessary for you?

  • If you want to convert a hand-drawn image or original photograph graphic.
  • Reducing printing costs will reduce the number of color plates needed to print your photo on a printer.
  • When you need vector line art to engrave.
  • As long as you need to create a sign to promote your business
  • When you need to print custom graphics.
  • When you want to convert a vector to raster.

Vector images have more details, so it is much easier to convert them into raster files—all you have to rename the image file type from the rename option.

Choosing Clipping Path Express!

The only way we can provide you with 99.9% accurate, precise vector information from engineering drawings, building plans, contour plans, surveys, topographical maps, and the like is to use high-quality scanning software to create a raster image. That part of our service is FREE. We then use our own robust proprietary conversion programs to transform these scanned images into a DWG, DXF, IGES, or HPGL file.
In the final step, using an image generated from the new vector information as a template, a skilled Clipping Path Express professional interprets ambiguities and confirms dimensions. The result is a DWG, DXF, IGES, or HPGL file with more significant data integrity than the source document we started with. There’s nothing magical about it. A good machinist, when he mills a piece from a drawing, follows a very similar flow-chart.
As professionals, we understand the importance of what we do, and although this work sometimes seems as much an art form as a science—- “You can take the data we give you to the bank.” We guarantee it!

Clipping Path Express, On Time, On Budget

At Clipping Path Express, a core group of professionals with specialist skills in various disciplines supervises and manages the day-to-day workload. This nucleus can be complemented with skilled affiliated associates when an increased workload demands. That way, we can offer competitive pricing for single drawing jobs or large, multi-file projects without compromising quality. Coupled with our well-developed proprietary software and our long experience in this industry, Clipping Path Express can offer the most cost-effective service online if you compare apples with apples.
We’d encourage you to compare prices and find out for yourself. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for, especially in this business where there is a direct correlation between time spent on a project and quality. And that’s especially true for all those complex map forms and high data content drawings that are our specialty.
Every drawing is unique, so prices vary depending on the source document. To give you a quote, we need to look at the material— paper drawing, raster image, etc. — and discuss your project with you.
If you want to know more about our prices or services Contact Us. Clipping Path Express is the bureau to use if you want your hand drawings or raster images converted to multi-layer, guaranteed quality vector files: when you need them, at the most competitive prices available online.
We guarantee it!

Vector Conversions, Maps, Graphics, and Drawing Service

As a bureau, one of our main competitors is buying one of the many proprietary conversion programs and doing the work in-house. To beat that competition, we have to provide a superior conversion service at a lower price than you can provide to yourself. And we do. Ask our clients who have purchased expensive scanners and conversion programs, only to acknowledge that when you do a cost-benefit analysis, it doesn’t compete with having the work done by Clipping Path Express. This is especially true when converting maps, schematic diagrams, technical drawings, architectural blueprints, or other specialized fields where we are the recognized leaders.
It makes sense. Our proprietary programs were written after many years of hands-on experience, with input from architects, engineers, cartographers, and other professionals who work in disciplines that depend on high data integrity drawings. Our programs are faster, more accurate, and easier to use, especially when our team of experts does; you use them every day.
Apart from their professional qualifications, our guys have all had many years of experience in this field that sometimes seems more like an art form than a science. We know what to look for. We know the shortcuts to take that won’t compromise quality but will speed up the job: how to get the best outcomes in the shortest time. That’s why we can guarantee you that our service, our quality, our turnaround times, and our value for money is second to none.

Online Raster to Vector Conversion Services

Clipping Path Express is a service bureau that converts your hand-drawn documents and raster formats to vector information. Your PDF, PICT, GIF, TIFF, etc., images into editable, multi-layer CAD, GIS, DWG, DXF, DGN, Arc/Export formats. Vectorized digital information with as many layers as the job requires text, dimensions, notations, etc. Our systems, programs, and people ensure the final vector file has no loss of detail, no jaggedness, and can be scaled up or down without data loss or quality. You can now print your drawings at any size or resolution and still maintain informational accessibility.
We are the professionals with a cost-effective service for industries and disciplines where data quality is essential. And we guarantee you that all our work is done in North America, so you can contact us at any time during regular business hours to discuss your project.

- Frequently asked questions (Raster to Vector)

Logo, Mascot, Caricature, Book illustration, Cartoon, Diecast coin, Layout, Flyer, Door hanger, CD cover, Book cover, Magazine cover, Comics, Brochure, T-shirt, Postcard, Stationary, Letterhead, Envelope, and More…

Screen press, Silk press, Engraving, Diecast, Embroidery, and More.

Print shops usually prefer. Eps and. Ai files over any other, as they are the current industry standard. It is also common for a print shop to ask for secondary files such as. Cdr and. Pdf when dealing with vector design for print.

The answer to that is no. You’ll find a high majority of designers that still use filters and effects in their vector files. These additions usually convert to a solid raster layer in the file and make it hard for a vector-based print machine to read the file, thus lowering the output quality.
Raster to Vector Conversion Services

For instance, any company seeking a serious brand must have pure vector files of their logo. That way, they have the flexibility of transferring their brand onto any web or print media materials for future marketing/advertising campaigns. Brand awareness is a critical asset to any business and should be a priority from the start.