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Whether you Selling your product on different marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, Rakuten, Taobao, or your own eCommerce platform you need to edit your product images so that your customers can have a better shopping experience. E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services are helpful in all situations, especially if you have an eCommerce store. You do not have the time, team, or capacity to edit your eCommerce photos internally. And if you have many products, it is not possible to edit pictures of thousands of products. Sales in different marketplaces, with their requirements, make the work even more significant.

Editing thousands of product photos in-house can be very expensive and time-consuming. That’s why you can rely on us for Best Quality E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service at a quick turnaround. We offer background removal, drop shadow, photo retouching, and 360 °spin services. These services make the product photo look promising. Which helps you sell more products, and your customers can have the best shopping experience.


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Basic requirements for E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service

For eCommerce, the business image is necessary; the right image can be an excellent way to sell, but not a bad image. More detailed product photography can be more exciting and attractive to boost your sales.

Product photography focuses on product representation and advertising. It is a division of commercial photography that every eCommerce owners need. Some products are difficult to sharpening by photo shooters’. It may be due to their nature and some transparent, reflective nature or color, pure white or black. It is impossible to work with reflective items, causing reflections that are hard to do. The photoshoot you can cover with leather clothing and have perfect lighting using eCommerce image editing. Illumination describes the quality of your image.

Lighting is dividing into two natural lights and studio lighting. A minimum of two softbox light formats must create perfect shadow angles. In the studio, lighting requires a primary light source in the light. In contrast, another black light and white garment rests on the softbox light so that the light verbose and takes on a smooth shadow. In-studio it’s easy to affect natural light. If the light is too harsh, you can reduce it by placing white clothing on the window. Remember that you should not take any photos in direct sunlight as it creates harsh shadows.

  • Take the best angle of the product for the photograph.
  • For proper clean background.
  • To separate objects from images
  • To change/remove the background from the image.
  • Repaint using multipath.
  • Draw a path in the shape of the product
  • To make perfect photo masking.
  • Cut unwanted things
  • Reconstruct shiny jewelry.
  • For e-commerce product background

The process of E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service

If you’re going to outsource an image editing service, it means you need this service after the photoshoot. You can send us your images to an external photo retouching service. We will edit the photos and then return them to you before the deadline. A product photo editing company will align photos with your style guide. So it would be easy to edit your images and match you’re aesthetic consistently. Basic photo editing includes:

  • Removing the background.
  • Creating clipping paths.
  • Aligning products within the image canvas.
  • Setting consistent margins.
  • Cropping.
  • Compressing images.
  • Setting aspect ratios, image width, height.
  • Converting to file types jpeg png.

When we apply the process to bulk images

  • Removal of a troubling aspect of bulk images
  • Cutting a portion to the desired background
  • It an eye-catching made from normal pictures
  • Selected photograph by unique touch
  • Removal of a problematic part of images

How to edit and customize product photos

There are several ways to customize your product photos related to eCommerce and product photo editing services. We are including some of the things that will bring you the most success in online sales:


As more customers shop online, so do you know the competition. It’s important to have photos of high-quality, real-world products. Quality makes your product photo more attractive to potential buyers. 38% of customers want to see the work in a simple background. But 33% also want to know the product in context – so deliver both.

If you edit a photo to change a single product’s color, make sure that the edited images will attract your customers. They will get in actual life match clothing. There’s no need budget for hiring live models. You can use a ghost mannequin to give it shape and with a vast image volume.


Many online shoppers are doing comparative shopping and not with prices. Having a consistent presentation of your products makes it easier for customers. It is a better way to remove the background, and using a white background can create that continuity. Additionally, centralizing, straightening, and rotating the product helps the buyer’s to see the product. Because they can see more views of the product, they want to buy.

File size:

File size plays a significant role when it comes to SEO and consumer experiences online. Photos of huge products can load your pages more slowly, and this means buyers can quickly push the button back – and you lose sales. It can hurt your SEO credibility by making search pages easier to index.

Reducing your product photos’ file size, you can save the web format in Adobe Photoshop. You can also use the preview to check how your image looks. An online image compression tool will help you to resize your images.


Photos look different on desktop browsers and mobile devices. That’s why it’s essential to showcase images for both types of buyers with the right-sized images. We can resize multiple versions of photos of the same product for use on product pages across thumbnails and other areas of your site. To improve the SEO of your online store, you need to create a consistent look for all your product photos. To increase your sales, you need an eCommerce and product photo editing service.

When to optimize your product photos

  • If you sell in various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and more, you need your edited images to meet your product’s image requirements.
  • To create a white background for your product’s image, 38% of online shoppers prefer to see your products in the simple background.
  • Removing the background of bulk images when you want to display and display products seamlessly.
  • To resize a vast batch of product photos to speed up the loading of your online store.
  • Create an enormous set of main product photos, detailed zoom-in pictures, and thumbnails
  • You need to optimize the quality of your product photos to give your customers a better shopping experience.
  • To maximize product photos for search, you can edit them to get the right size, quality, file name, and well tags.

Product Photo Editing and Retouching Services at Clipping Path Express

Our expert graphic designers have many years of experience in this sector. We are offering a wide range of product E-commerce photo-editing services. We have a solid and experienced team who are working so hard every day. They can get the most customized photos wherever you sell online; it would be easy for you. We customize product photos for online stores built on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more platforms. We are experienced with the latest requirements for markets such as Amazon, eBay, ATC, social media, and much more.

When it comes to selling online, photos of consistent, high-quality products will help you convert more customers. If you have no idea how to perform the most viewed product photos on your website, we’ll partner with you to meet your photo editing goals. So get our one-time trial benefits to having an opportunity to give us more orders next time. We will work sincerely to provide our best effort on all your images. We have a reputation that we deliver our orders on time.