Photoshop Sample Photos

We deliver great images. Quickly. At competitive rates.

Clipping Path Express is an offshore graphic design studio working around the clock to service our customers. We use more than 50+ Photoshop DTP professionals. Ther are producing high-quality hand-drawn clipping paths and other Photoshop services. We take pride in the fact that we are running the best quality DTP studio in the region. and maintaining competitive prices and rapid turnaround time.

Quality image editing

We take pride in what we do. Clipping path express has been delivering quality work for small and medium-sized businesses since 2010. We are training our 50+ graphic designers to maintain our position as the leading quality graphical outsource experts.

Best Possible Price

Whether you need two pictures photoshopped for a printed catalog. Or the background removed on a million product images, we will do our best to give you the best possible price. The pricing for the editing services depends on file size, service, and speed. Our promise to you is: We will give the best possible price.

Delivery on time, every time.

We get it. You want the best quality images. On-time. Every time. Time after time. To do this, we are running an accurate 24-hour operation with three shifts. So, you can send us your pictures at the end of work hours in Europe or the USA and have the images back at the start of the working day the following day.

Perfect Clipping Path and Photoshop Services... Every Time - Any Time!

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