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40% of online customers want to see products on a white background

In an assumption, 40% of online customers want to see products on a white background. eCommerce retailers are going to busy with thousands of product photos. They are getting a white background in all those photos so that customers can attract them. Save time to provide your photo service to a company. For that reason, your team can focus on growing and selling your business online. You don’t need to spend countless hours on photo editing. Many online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, recommend product photos on a white background. They understand the value of image background removal services.

We can make this service easy for a single color background to match the aesthetics of your brand. This service allows us to add a relevant background for photos of ads, seasonal sales, and other creative products. When we remove photo backgrounds we use hand-drawn clipping paths. Clipping Path Express capture every last detail of your product and force customers to click the buy button. We are providing over 1000 images edited service daily. We are committing to our clients to provide high-quality images each time.


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What is an image background removal service?

Background removal separates the subject of a photo or image and clears the rest of the image. It serves a clean, simple look and emphasizes the subject matter of the figure. Background removal services are using in an eCommerce business. Product photos with white backgrounds have become the norm in the eCommerce industry. Many popular online marketplaces need white background images daily. Image background removal is not for white backgrounds. You can also add a single-color background or add a “relevant” background color.

The process of image background removal service

1. Remove the background using the Pen tool

Using the pen tool, we can move the background to get a perfect and attractive white background. In this process, the background of the product we are cutting off and replacing with a white layer. Although this process is very effective and simple. It is a very time-consuming process when we are bringing a huge batch of clients. Another downside is that if we cut a clear and shape photo then the product looks unnatural and it may lose its beauty.

2. Adjustment brush using auto mask

This is another well-known system for lightroom users. Here the adjusting brush key we are selecting. The Adjustment panel appears on the right side of the “Develop” box. From there we increase exposure to a white background. The brush is set to an automatic mask so that the brush can read the subject. The opposite end of the white background is that we can detect. From there we draw around the edges. Although image masking is a very quick and easy process we know. It is an auto mask brush that can close the mask completely outside the edges. For this reason, it is a way of achieving a completely white background.

3. The best and fastest method

Okay, now we have a good knowledge of two well-known methods by which we can change the background and whiten it. Now we will introduce you to a new tool or method with which you can remove the background. We are recommending it. This is personal and fastest the approach we get that consistent white background. This technique is available through a complete process. We actually highlighted the photo and the reconstruction, step by step. When we understand how the photographers draw his portrait, using this technique, took a light knife to our head. And It will work by trying hands for product photography, we add our own process to try with a few extra steps. It works very well every time. Then, this is what we got our hands on the most perfect way. The best part of this strategy is that it captures the shadows and gives us that natural, professional look.
  • Removes the troublesome aspect of the photos
  • Leave the cut part behind to the desired background
  • An interesting one made from ordinary pictures
  • Favorite image by unique touch

Who needs image background removal services?

In short, any eCommerce retailer can enjoy image background removal services. This is a tedious task to do, especially in large batches of images. It is important to pay close attention to edited photos that look realistic. And it will persuade customers to buy the item. Removing the image background allows eCommerce companies to disassemble the product. And it removes any obstructions from the frame. This helps to create a uniform, consistent look for all product photos on your site. This, in turn, creates a predictable and simple user interface that will help online customers see and buy your products. The print is also using to remove the background of the image. Free from any clutter of catalogs. If you create user manuals, you can remove irrelevant content from the image. This process also creates visual complements to the word on the page. This helps customers to use your product more. Whether you have a single image or have a huge batch from your latest photoshoot. Professional photo background removal services can help you focus on the real issues in your business.

When to use background removal service

  • Follow the requirements of online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay
  • When the background is confusing or away from the subject of the image
  • Display your product description and separate it
  • Draw attention to an object on the front
  • If you need to isolate and display specific features of a product or object
  • Create uniform backgrounds in many images, such as product catalogs or eCommerce stores
  • Achieve a transparent background on your photos
  • Provides great context for existing background objects
  • You can use lights and backdrops to create white background product photos when you shoot.

Benefits of Background removal service

Using a visual background is beneficial in certain situations. These are bright for banner ads and are using for clipping paths. This type of service will help you get dynamic and expected photos. When a photographer clicks on a photo, it is a simple fact that there may be some photographic errors. The quality of this image may not be attractive to your customers. Professional background removal services help you remove unwanted items in your photos. This service will add quality and relevant objects to your photos. Some companies use photos for business purposes and they want to change the background of the image for any advertising reason. So, at this point, if the purpose of the background is not met, then you need professional photo editors. They will help you providing background removal services to add value to the photo. The use of transparent backgrounds gives an advantage in certain situations. These are using for brightening and clipping banner ads.

Image background removal services at our company

Our professional designers are having many years of experience in providing image background removal services. We are masters of Photoshop’s pen tool, which allows us to define precise clipping paths. We zoom in on your images by about 300% by drawing each clipping path. This enables us to keep enough anchor points to keep the natural shape of the object. We can avoid using tools like Magic Wand for quick selection and path-making. We’ve seen the results of automation and tools and how it can hurt your reputation and your brand. Today’s customers demand quality, and we also do clipping paths worldwide. We are proud of the quality of your finished product – regardless of how many images you need to edit. So order today and get satisfied service from our company.