Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Ghost Mannequin Service helps your product maintain its shape, resulting in a more professional and consistent impact on your product images.

What is Ghost Mannequin Photography

Ghost Mannequin Service is essential to generating sales by promoting your height quality product images. For example, fashion retailers use this service to modify product photos for those wearing and using your product. We know that live models can be expensive, make scheduling difficult, and sometimes unreliable. On the other hand, a Ghost Mannequin Service is a one-time investment. However, if you want to display your product, then you need this service. The standard of your images comes with good results with this service.

Whether you need the entire mannequin or just a neck or a joint, a professionally edited image manipulation service will give your product depth. We apply more natural-looking photos to customers. It is because customers can imagine themselves wearing your clothes and accessories. We will help you to sell more products with our high-quality Ghost Mannequin Services.


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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing at Clipping Path Express

How to create a ghost mannequin effect

To add a ghost mannequin effect to your photo, you first need a clothing panel and a dress without a mannequin (so that the label on the interior is visible). Put the two figures together on the neck – you can do this by way of clipping. Now you need a dress that looks like it has invisible old wear. Some spooky putty is not driven into the Ghost Mannequin. Pants, watches, and hats you can edit by adding natural volume and texture, for example.

The clothing and accessories need to look more vital and natural, giving customers a chance to understand how to wear them in real life. To achieve the brightest image possible, we combine the ghost standard with the shadow effect.

When to use the Ghost Mannequin 

We can add life, texture, and volume to your products, especially clothing and accessories. The costs and challenges of renting live models are costly. Suppose you need this service when you want to show your product’s back and front or a 360-degree view Labels to show the clothing’s interior. The brand and interior tags don’t use ghost standards. Retailers want to showcase products using context with real people images. 

You may have seen in digital advertising that lives models convert better. In general, it is better to use a combination of drop shadow and live models. Ghost mannequin provides continuity for thumbnails and images of your main product on older websites or catalogs, But real-life models add a human and relevancy factor. It puts products in context for customers. 

The requirements for Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service is used to make images more attractive on your online store clothes. It’s essential to take the time to consider the products you currently supply to your online store. A full-bodied barney may sound like a good idea. If your product range focuses only on coats, jumpers, dresses, shirts, and blazers. Then buying a thicker one is more affordable than only one torso gives the same effect. There is. Of course, a full-size Mannequin gives you the advantage of being able to shoot both.
The invisible Mannequin effect is an essential key that designers. And online marketers use to promote their products. Now you’re wondering how this effect works on your photos. Ghost Mannequin Service helps your product maintain its shape. Resulting in a more professional and consistent impact on your product images. The invisible Mannequin effect can be very helpful in promoting your product. And gaining more attention from customers.
  • Cutting unwanted objects
  • To separate objects from images
  • Draw the path in the shape you want
  • To make perfect photo masking
  • In drop shadow making services
  • Reconstruct shiny jewelry
  • For e-commerce product background
  • For replacement in images
  • In photo recovery services
  • To create spooky putty of your products
  • To smooth the edges

The process of Ghost Mannequin Service

Changing the color of a photo expands the variety to add to a stock photo. The Ghost Mannequin Services can differentiate the whole look of an image. For e-commerce products, must to repaint a product in many copies.
Regardless of any damages to your photos. We can enhance the re-colored images to attract the customer. This change in color tone also includes a desirable, perfect color combination. Correction, change, design of product photos will be more beneficial after ghost mannequin.
  • Removes the troublesome aspect of the pictures
  • Leave the cut part behind to the desired background
  • An interesting one made from ordinary pictures
  • Favorite image by unique touch
  • Removes the troubling aspect of the pictures
  • Leave the cut part behind to the desired background
  • An interesting one made from regular pictures
  • Favorite photo by special touch

Advantages of Ghost Mannequin Service

The benefits of accurate Ghost Mannequin Services for photos are more important to showcase your products. Changing the shadow of a photo expands needs a variety of techniques to add to a stock photo. Drop shadow can change the whole look of an image. For e-commerce and online products, need to restore a product in many copies. It can attract customers. 
Drop shadow is the unfortunate reality that can make the skin look dull from time to time. But of course, thanks to a simple makeup fix, we have a color correction concealer. Reach for the purple corrector to adjust the yellow and uneven tones. This way is neutralizing the presence of any salo spots. In contrast, you can focus on a color corrector when you need some illumination. You can also try painting with a broad brush and mixed lavender hidden at the edges of your face for an illuminating effect

Final verdict: 

The Ghost Mannequin Service requires skilled designers. Many of whom are graphic design professionals in clipping path express. We provide quality shadow service for all kinds of images. Regardless of your order’s size, we are committed to providing you with a satisfying and quality experience. You can have an opportunity to use our trial service. If you get satisfied services, please order next time to welcome you to offer our service at a reasonable price.