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Clipping Path is also known as image clipping, deep etching, photo cut-out closed vector path, or shaping photos. This is a digital photo cut-out service and makes the shape of your desired quality. Clipping Path in our company, we outline an image by hand, and this service we are providing. The process of clipping path services allows you to remove an object from a photo’s background. It is much like cutting a photo out of a magazine with a lot of scissors.

What is Clipping Path Services?

When we apply the pen tool, everything inside the line or path is going on in the final cut. But everything outside will remove. The advantage of the clipping path will allow you to manipulate the background of your image. This is very helpful in producing white backgrounds for online sales. It can also help you to display your themes from a variety of contextual perspectives. Clipping path service will help you to join different backgrounds, which can help you to create scenes for your photos.


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We provide a perfect hand-drawn clipping path and high-end image editing services. Our dedicated team of graphic designers is able to offer 100% efficient service regardless of your order size, the urgency for delivery, or the complexity of work.


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Clipping path services at Clipping Path Specialists

The complexity level of the clipping path services is mentioning below so that you can understand. You will also learn how much you have to pay for each service? Not all clipping path jobs are the same, so rates are different for each job. Here are some details about the complexity of clipping paths and the techniques required for each:

Basic clipping path

Basic clipping paths creating a basic clipping path is the easiest and cheapest clipping path service. You can remove very few curved-edged hard objects from any photo’s background by using a basic clipping path. Basic clipping paths are ideal for products such as smartphones, framed art, books, balls, and ordinary canisters.

Simple clipping paths

A simple clipping path is a bit complicated than a basic clipping path. But we create this service in out systematic faster way. It usually costs a bit more than the basic clipping path. General clipping service can remove more edge and curved objects than basic clipping paths. This general way also works for objects that have a “hole” in photos (such as the inside of a mug handle or the inside of a ring or necklace). We are using a general clipping path to remove backgrounds from products. General clipping paths are ideal for ordinary jewelry, vehicles, and single furniture items.

Medium clipping paths

A medium clipping path occurs when an object with a complex edge needs to be removed from its background. Medium clipping paths are often complex enough that several paths are created in an image. It is a combined way to achieve the final result of an image. As you might expect, these types of clipping paths are simpler and cost more than basic clipping paths. Medium clipping paths are ideal for removing background from a group of common items.

Complex clipping paths

A complex clipping path is applying on an image to very complex edges, multiple holes, and multiple objects of different levels of clarity. It is because these types of clipping paths are so time-consuming. This way is a little more costly than basic clipping paths. Anything with fur or hair will require a complex photo clipping path. Complex clipping paths are ideal for images with models, a product with a mesh, and a grouping of multiple, complex products.

Multiple clipping path services

Many clipping path services are complex clipping paths that are crafted between products. Compound clipping path service can save you the hassle of re-shooting if you want to change the color of your product. You need these paths to correct the shadow on only part of any image. Multiple clipping path services are ideal if you have a complex product or grouping of some products. These kinds of photos require color change or color correction in specific areas.

Super complex clipping paths

Complex clipping paths sometimes require so many separate clipping paths. It may contain one complex, or multiple clipping paths are not enough. Compound photo clipping paths can handle these tough product images. We know that the cost is higher than other types of clipping paths. The super complex and multiple clipping paths need to use together with image masking to achieve the best results. Complex clipping paths are ideal for cut-outs, very intricate jewelry, and pet crates. Other things like the grouping of animal items are examples of product images that may require a super complex clipping path.

Benefits of clipping path service

The companies offer various benefits to their customers. With the cutting edge of Photoshop, web designers can create web pages. All the web pages contain high-impact images to attract target customers. Clipping Path Service in our company is well-known in the aspect of the graphic design section. Most of the online markets prefer to present specific items without background.
The owners of this business will rather focus on the items to attract their target customers. The customers will also get a great idea of ​​the product. That’s why by cutting the quality of Photoshop, web designers can create web pages with different shapes of images. This business has a high-impact image. All are on designing to attract target customers. The photographic industry has recently undergone extensive development. The world of photography has completely changed and changing with the advancement of technology.

Types of clipping path service that we are offering

Today clipping path services have become the cornerstone of e-business marketing. Gone are the days of using one image on a business site, where all you needed a photograph. Because of increasing competition, a variety of preferences for consumers you need to provide. For hence taking this service has become essential for online business. The present condition of clipping path service is the only foundation of modern e-business.

There are several ways to clipping:

  • Remove any image background to attract customers.
  • Garment industry
  • Color correction of any image
  • Web image optimization
  • Electronics, toys, jewelry products, photo editing
  • Leather, wrist-watch product owners
  • Motor vehicles and other larger businesses
  • Complex image editing work

The necessity of clipping path service for e-commerce

Clipping path services you need for creating an image that is necessary for an e-commerce business. Photography software is used to cut 2D images to shape in different colors and sizes. It’s a powerful tool that we are using to create a good product image for eCommerce owners. Can you imagine how you are searching for a clear image for your viral Instagram or Facebook marketing? You must want something that will captivate the mind of the customers. To draw your customer’s attention to the details by displaying an image is a must. For this reason, you need to need a great image to make a purchase decision from a customer.

Clipping path service provider company 

If you are an e-commerce business owner, you might have an interest in e-commerce photography. You might be using different types of photos in your store. You are using great images on your homepage or other pages to attract visitors to purchase things you are selling. Through e-commerce photography, once you take photos of the products, then you need this service to have better quality photos. So for hence, you need a trusted company to get your work done. We are ensuring you provide your desired service within a short time with great quality. Please place an order as immediately as you want to get the result.

- Frequently asked questions (Clipping Path Service)

In Photoshop software, a photo clipping path is a vector graphic that outlines an object. The object is like a trace around an edge. Clipping paths are used for two purposes: to cut off something or send it around.

Select the photo clipping path and the things you want to mask. Select Object> Clipping Mask> Make. Note: To create a photo clipping path from an area where two or more objects overlap, first group the objects. Learn more…

Background removal services cut or remove unwanted objects and image backgrounds. Additionally, make it white or transparent, dust, create shadows, crop, and resize your images.

Clipped layers immediately specify the region drawn with the layer below so that the selected layer is on display only in this regionThe content drawn in the clipped layer will not appear in the unchanged regions (transparent pixels) of the lower layer.