How to create a vector mask in photoshop


How to create a vector mask in photoshop

This tutorial aims to detail ‘vector masks’, a handy Photoshop feature that allows you to cut out’ objects from their background. And How to create a vector mask in photoshop. Without any actual loss to the source picture. The significant advantages of this method will become clear. And soon, you will wonder how on earth you ever coped with the traditional ‘eraser’ technique.

What is a vector mask?

A vector mask is a resolution-independent path that clips out the contents of the layer. Vector masks are usually more precise than those created with pixel-based tools. You can create vector masks with the pen or shape tools. Photoshop can be used for various graphical tasks. Including original content creation, interface design, and texture mapping. At the heart of its functionality, there are also tools for photo manipulation and compositing – many of which are overlooked by the casual user.

Step 1: Create a brand new document

Create a brand new document of suitable size with a single background layer. Now add in the picture you want to vector mask as a layer above the background.

Step 2: Start to draw a path (photoshop vector mask) around the outside of your object

Zoom as far into your creation as is comfortable (400% to 1600% is usually the charm). And start to draw a path around the outside of your object with the Pen Tool. As a general recommendation, try to stay inside the edge of the item. This way, you will avoid including different colored edge pixels in your final image and get a much cleaner result.


Step 3: Try to get a smoother and more natural curve

Clicking and dragging when placing your points will allow for smoother and more natural curves. After that, clicking and placing straight lines. The Pen Tool or photoshop vector mask is a formidable tool to master, though, so keep practicing. When you have a path around your object, join up the first and last pen anchor points. By double-clicking the first point, you placed – This will complete the path.


Step 4: Using the Direct Selection Tool

Using the Direct Selection Tool, right-click on a line in your pen path and select the option to ‘Create Photoshop Vector Mask’. If you have the chosen object layer and have done everything, you should now have an image isolated from its background. If parts of your photoshop vector mask don’t look right, go back in with the Direct Selection Tool and adjust your pen points.


Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now, all you have to do is add a funky background, the odd layer effect here and there, and you have your finished result! There, that was easy.