What is Commercial Photography?

As a commercial photographer, you’ll be taking photographs of products or individuals, which will be wont to sell a product or a service. This might vary greatly: you’ll be shooting fashion models in designer gear for a billboard, some people clicking away on a pc to sell a service, or anything which may appear on a website, literature, or billboard.

Definition of commercial photography

It’s actually rather hard to pin down a commercial photography meaning. Someone would say that it only applies to commercial shots, but others would come with catalog work and e-commerce shots.

So, how are you able to tell if you’re doing commercial photography? Usually, a commercial photographer is used by a brand or a corporation to market their product or services. Let’s take the instance of Ansel Adams. Most would say that he’s a landscape photographer, and this is often true. But when working for the Department of the inside to photograph national parks for advertising purposes, it might be more accurate to explain him as a commercial photographer.

The main thing that sets commercial photographs aside from other genres is that the intention behind the photograph. A photographer would normally take images to capture and preserve the sweetness of nature in untouched areas. For those park shots, however, the intention was to sell access tickets to tourists.